25 Years of Polonia Choir with Oksana Ostashevska

On April 27th 2024, the Polonia Choir held it’s 25 year celebration for their artistic director, Oksana Ostashevska at the Univeristy of Alberta Saint-Jean Auditorium. The performance celebrated her extensive talent and effort that helped make the Choir into the experience it is today.

The choir was founded in 1999 by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and under the tutelage of Oksana has performed at many different events and competitions. For example:

  • The choir performed Montreal and Laval choral music festival
  • The choir performed in the opening ceremony for the 8th IAAF World Championship in Athletics in Edmonton
  • Won the Cardinal Hlond Cup
  • Placed first in the the mixed choirs classification at the Polish Singers Alliance of America in Philadelphia

Below you can watch some of the performances from the event:

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Oksana for her time and dedication in leading the Polonia Choir, and demonstrating Polish talent to audiences all across Canada and the United States. As well, we wish her the best in all of her endeavours moving forward, and are excited to see how the choir develops in the future.

This content was sourced from CPHS and the Polonia Choir itself. More info about the choir, including events, news, and contact information, can be found here: //www.poloniachoir.org